Work Management Software

Our work management software makes managing your time, projects, time sheets, exports and profitability an ease. Make lost revenue through small tasks and jobs a thing of the past, manage your time and identify any bad habits that lead to lost time to improve your overall profitability on a day to day basis. Set KPIs allow you to see at a glance the performance of your entire business, and use these to set longer term targets and goals. 

Collaboration and Performance in Its Purest Form…

  • Track information in real time to effectively set achievable dynamic goals across teams.
  • Align your teams to work together, regardless of location.
  • Effective resource allocation to achieve improved productivity across all your employees.
  • Reduce data duplication with automated task creation eliminating human error for recurring tasks.

Functional, Robust and Integrated…

  • Get performance indicators in a visual, digestible manner.
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface simplifies resource allocation.
  • Integrate our Work Management System with your current systems with ease.
  • Spend less time explaining and more time and more time collaborating.

*Internet connection required. 

Work Management Software in Norwich, Norfolk

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