Why Sysflow?

No Standard Software Drawbacks.

Sysflow does not have any of the drawbacks of the "off the shelf" or "licenced software" available today.

no standard software drawbacks

Your Intellectual Property.

Sysflow is owned by you. The standard modules are incorporated into the system and configured to your exact specification making them your intellectual property. There are no licensing fees so any ongoing investment delivers new functionality that increases its effectiveness and the efficiencies it returns. Sysflow can also attract R & D credits for your business.

Software Intellectual Property

Fully Customised, No Compromises.

Sysflow does not require you to compromise by trying to make your business fit a generic system. Sysflow allows you to customise your solution to be exactly right, designed with your exact business in mind.

Bespoke Software

An Ever Evolving System.

The Sysflow development process is based on the Agile methodology which expects you to revisit existing functionality and make enhancements to perfect your processes. This is different from a conventional methodology of fixed specifications, whereby any technical changes can take a prolonged period of time to implement and integrate.

Evolving Software

Quick Return On Investment.

Sysflow doesn't have a long development process before you see any return. Sysflow is released gradually as functionality is developed so return on investment is seen at a much earlier stage than it is with many other options that are available on the market.

Software Return On Investment

Adding Value To Your Balance Sheet.

Sysflow is an asset on a company's balance sheet and is instrumental in showing a potential purchaser that your business still has value, even without you.

Software Asset

Never Becomes Outdated.

Sysflow is built using an open source, progressive development language meaning it will not become obsolete and will not require a rebuild at any point.

Never Outdated Software

Flexible Integration For Any System.

Sysflow can be integrated or work alongside any other software or process you may already be using, and is directly integrable with a huge number of other solutions. We also offer bespoke and custom software integrations.  See how we've used Sysflow to operate, manage and streamline Netmatters.

Fully Integrated Software

Sysflow is more than just a  bespoke software development platform, it's your business engine.

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