What is Sysflow?

Sysflow is a cloud-based scalable business software platform.

The platform allows businesses, both large and small, to achieve scalability and to control every aspect of their business. All of this, at a managed pace to ensure system adoption and minimise the disruption to the business during any significant changeovers or processes.  We even use Sysflow to streamline, operate and manage our own business.

Integrated Central Business Software

Sysflow starts with a secure cloud-based platform.

From this, functionality and data is then gradually added during the development of the system. This means that there is time to add all data that any existing system has, or any data that is stored on paper and is required for business function.

Secure Cloud System

Sysflow has a range of standard modules.

These are the starting blocks for us to start building your bespoke system. This makes Sysflow much more capable than any other "off the shelf" management software, offering a level of flexibility and adaptivity that cannot be found elsewhere with other systems. Modules can be coded from scratch for any particular requirement, and modules can be pick and mixed to suit your exact needs.

Range of pick and mix modules

Sysflow can do anything, and can be integrated with any software (off the shelf or bespoke).

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