Underwriting Software

As the insurance industry experiences more intense competition, declining profit margins and increases in claims the underwriting process is becoming more of a crucial lever for insurance companies than ever before. Our underwriting software delivers intelligent automation across all the elements of your underwriting operations, which allows your business to make more money whilst spending less time with administrative tasks. 

The Underwriting Process, Streamlined...

  • Generate digestible, multi-provider underwriting results in seconds.
  • Increase your profitability and improve placement ratios. 
  • Get instant performance reports on an employee, department or company wide level. 
  • Make informed decisions with powerful, real time analysis. 
  • Apply role based access rules for increased security and data protection compliance.

Simple, Fluid And Functional...

  • Easy to use system based on an intuitive user interface that requires no training. 
  • Access your underwriting management system from anywhere with an internet connection for maximum control. 
  • Integrate our underwriting software with any existing system that your business currently utilises. 
  • Decrease administration time with automated process handling. 

Underwriting Software

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