Getting Started

Free Consultation.

Sysflow is a progressively developed software so the process varies in its complexity depending on the desired requirements. The first stage would always be a free consultation to discuss your business requirements or specific need. At this point, future plans and aspirations would also be discussed to ensure the system we build you will be prepared.

Free Consultation

Development Roadmap.

We would then put together a development roadmap broken down into stages and put into a logical order. Estimates of development time for Stage 1 is delivered alongside a recommended ongoing development budget or estimates for further stages. On acceptance of the estimates, we then tighten the specification confirming exact needs and adjust the stage 1 estimate if this is required.

Software Development Roadmap

Project Management.

A project manager is allocated and the development commences. The project manager works closely with you showing you progress on the system as frequently as possible to ensure we are creating what you want. This is done through our controlled development procedure.

Project Management

First Phase On-boarding.

Once we have reached the first milestone, we release the software to the live environment and help with the process of on-boarding users and data population. Normally at this point, further changes are requested as users get familiar with the system and suggest enhancements. This is the part that delivers the perfect software for you and all your users.

Phased Software Rollout

Development Iterations.

As the software hardens through the above iterative process, the next stage is detailed out and the roadmap adjusted to reflect any functional or priority changes. The process is then repeated iterating over the entire application as we go.

Development Iterations

Sysflow is more than just a  bespoke software development platform, it's your business engine.

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