The Benefits of Using a Content Management System

What Are The Benefits of Using a Content Management System?

Posted 09/07/2015

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is software that organises and saves all content very efficiently in a way that ensures it can be easily updated and reused. Content management systems actively encourage a business to publish new content on their site, and allows the existing content to be easily updated and changed in a few simple steps. The CMS handles of the behind the scenes, difficult work that could typically only be done by someone who is knowledgeable about coding.

This technology usually has two different elements in its making, and these are the content management part and the content delivery part. Both of these combine to create a system that can, at its core, allow users to manage the entire website without knowing one bit of HTML code. This is very helpful for many reasons, for example if you are a business that does not focus strongly on IT, and your website shows this by a lack of new and upcoming content then this the quickest fix out there. Posting articles, pictures, linking content and much more becomes a possibility for all your employee’s that are sitting in front of a computer or laptop.

Content management systems are all different, and you cannot expect all systems out there to do the same thing but there are a few basic functions to a CMS that every system aims to do, and these include:

• The ability to quickly create, publish and archive web pages.
• Generating navigation elements.
• Tracking visitor statistics.
• Managing users of the site and service.
• Quick and simple customisation of pages.

Those are a few of the things that content management systems should always include in their basic functionality, but many systems do much more.

Why is having a Content Management System beneficial?

Having a content management system is beneficial to all businesses that are on the “not so tech savvy” side of things, and having a content management system in place displays many benefits for businesses. If you have a content management system then you have choice. You can either control, post or update the content on your site by yourself, or ask a digital agency to do it for you.

Whichever one you choose you can be assured that your brand is keeping its identity, and you can go about getting the word out about your company digitally in whichever way you like, ensuring you can actually get your desired message across efficiently instead of worrying about any coding or optimisation first. Generally however, when you use a CMS you are always in control.

With a content management system in place then you are assured that updating and creating content for your page is time effective. With a functioning CMS you can post up fresh content as fast as you can create it, and after this the content will stay fresh as content can be continuously updated. Due to this fact, it allows for timely publication of the content you create.

A CMS also allows you to create secure content that only certain users can access; and it does so by allowing you to assign certain privileges to certain people with the right ID’s, and this is useful for sharing content between employees. Also a CMS allows your employees to share any information, with many options to create shared resources within the system itself. This makes the work place more efficient, and eliminates the need for emailing files or sharing them one to one, which eats away at their productive time.

Finally another great thing about content management systems is that they are incredibly search engine friendly. If you want your business to be found online then it is beneficial to have a content management system, as your site will rank better on google and other search engines due to the fact that codes that are built deep in the CMS to increase SEO visibility. Also in general they are user friendly, mobile ready, cost effective, database driven and have archive capabilities to ensure all of your content stays secure.

Which CMS Is Best for Me?

Content management systems differ substantially from system to system, and choosing the right one can be difficult. Many systems are simply “out of the box” and offer the same experience to everyone who purchases it, while some systems, mainly agencies evaluate your exact needs and create a specialised system to suit your exact requirements.

Agencies like this also offer you the option of a combined service, this is where they will create, manage and post all of the content themselves. Often this also comes hand in hand with the opportunity of SEO to be carried out on your website, and you will be regularly provided with traffic statistics and data to show how their service is impacting your site. This allows these services to be intertwined with an intricate marketing campaign that will be catered towards your exact niche market, as well as reacting to the statistics of the campaigns effectiveness in real time to enhance the campaign further and truly capture the target audience you aim towards.

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