How Can Regular Website Content Help Your Business?

Posted 30/03/2016

What does regular fresh content do for my site?

When you continue to post relevant, engaging and fresh content to your site, you’re breathing new life into your site. New, engaging content on a regular basis is one of the most dominating reasons for a user to return to your site and to stay longer when they do visit.

When you post regular content to your site, you’re giving the big search engines like Google and Bing a chance to index your site more frequently, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be indexed more favourably, but it does mean more frequent indexes. What this does for your site is give it more chances to rank highly on search engines. If the content you’re posting regularly is good, engaging and relevant to your business, that’s when you’ll get indexed more favourably by search engines, letting you appear nearer the top for relevant searches.

Speaking of relevant searches, more regular content also gives you the chance to add more keywords to your site, expanding the range of searches you become relevant for. This means if you tailor your fresh, engaging content to topics that are relevant to your business, you’ll soon be looked at very favourable by search engines when people search.

Informative, valuable and engaging content can also help search engines define your authority on relevant topics. For example, if you consistently publish engaging, relevant and valuable content about care tires, then search engines like Google will continue to index your content, will notice people reading, sharing and engaging with your content, and begin to see your website as an authority on car tires. Search engines will rank you highly if they see you in this way and it comes about by simply publishing regular, relevant and engaging content.

How does regular content help my business?

This is all good for your site, but how does all this help your business with its goals? Whether that’s leads, conversions, traffic or footfall into your premises. Regular engaging content can help you with all these goals and can help you in many more ways than you may think.

Regular engaging content brings people to your site and encourages them on a regular basis to check back and to spend more time on your site. While these people are on your site, reading and engaging with your content, they’re also engaging with and soaking up your brand, your business philosophy and what you offer. The more time they spend on your site, the more they’ll know about your business, they’ll trust your brand more and are more likely to come to you when they literally mean business. This is the same for a potential lead or conversion or just web traffic in general. When it comes to getting people from the web to your premises if you need footfall, the same applies. People will use a business they trust and feel they know well, them spending their time on your site engaging with your content is the best way to get potential customers to feel this way.

Does my CMS matter?

A good CMS is key to helping you get regular, engaging content onto your site. A good CMS take the hassle out of publishing your content, allowing you to simply create your content, add some images and hit publish. A good CMS system takes the hassle out of publishing your content and allows you to focus on your business, your customers and the content you're creating.