Do you need a document management system?

Do You Really Need a Document Management System?

Posted 21/12/2015

What is Document Management Software?

Document management software is software that exists to sort and manage all of your different work documents and vital information. It also allows for the easily collaboration of documents and information, eliminating the need to transfer files by email. It is designed to also handle paper based documents, mainly by using a scanner to scan and save documents as PDF’s.

Why Would I Use One?

Document management software incorporates all aspects of content creation and distribution, allowing for maximum efficiency to collaborate with ease. The ease of file sharing has a knock on effect onto employee productivity also, and the time spent sending and reading emails to share documents adds up quickly between all of your employees.

The accessibility that document management software creates is a massive asset, with the wide range of information you can store being no more than a keystroke away from your employees at any given time. Document management software can also create happier customers too, as your employees will find less time looking for the information they require to process the information the customer needs. This reduction of routine process time can make a huge difference to the customer experience.

You might even gain some of your office back, with document management software removing the need to have masses of overly full and bulging file cabinets that take up a room or two. This makes your office more profitable, as you can fit more employees in the same space. There will be less mistakes with document management systems also, as any spelling mistakes on documents, or any missing signatures can be flagged up to the user, eliminating the chance of human error.

Document management systems offer a level of security that other systems simply cannot provide, offering multiple methods of identifying who’s looked at a document, who has edited a document and where/what they edited, regular backups and a detailed permissions system that allows you to set read only or edit permissions to exact employees or groups of employees.

Who Is Document Management Software For?

Document Management Software is for anyone that has a lot of documents and information that they have to store and manage on a regular basis. What this means is, there are actually very few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from a document management software. All businesses who use an overarching piece of software or system to manage and share their documents operate at a much more efficient and productive point than those who don’t.

The ability to search the content of thousands of documents within a database at a time will be a massive selling point for many businesses, as it turns their once clunky, old server into a bustling archive of information that can be used for remarketing and management purposes. For example, if you needed to discover all the information you could about a past client, you could search the name of the client and get a list of all of the documents that mention the client’s name.

Do I Need Document Management Software?

A document management system is always a useful tool, and it makes your employees lives easier on a day to day basis. You will be able to access all of your files from anywhere with a document management system, which adds to the continuity of your business in general. A document management system is no longer an advantage over your competitor, and has become a requirement in recent years. Getting a document management system will be a huge step towards becoming self-sufficient and secure. The question is really not do I need one, but is instead when should I get one.